I don't know how to blog

It's weird to think that I've been on LJ for over 7 years and yet I still haven't worked out how to use it in any meaningful sense.

I would be particularly interested in blogging about my mental health difficulties - in particular the mood swings and body hating aspects.

The two biggest things that prevent me is my paranoia at being "outed" to people in real life (although I'm not trying that hard at being anon!) and that I find it incredibly hard to put into words how I feel. I guess that's one of the reasons why talking therapy never worked for me.

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Keep forgetting to write.

Feel bloody awful tonight. I've got this head cold again and it's not going away. On top of that I have a massive zit on my face and there is no hot water for a bath. So I'm basically a snotty, greasy, spotty girl in pyjamas aka the most unattractive thing you've ever seen. All my plans are basically on hold until I feel better.

I did a little bit of studying which was good as I'm really behind. Would love to have the second assessment passed by the end of January so I have to get on it. No phone call from work so I assume I won't be in until Thursday which is great because I can focus on resting.

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I am trying to channel my Nano nerves into plotting... and well failing that channel the energy into cleaning my bedroom.
After an hour of scrubbing I can happily say that my writing desk is dust/sweet wrapper/dirty coffee mug free!! The floor is still covered in paper though...

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I'm getting kinda excited for NaNoWriMo - but also thinking OMG WHAT HAVE I LET MYSELF IN FOR???

I did a little test today, found a semi-interesting prompt and wrote for 15 minutes - came out with just over 250 words. Which makes me think that during Nano I'm going to be writing for around 2 hours per day. Which will be... interesting.

On the more fun side though, I've been playing around with some free software, downloading pretty wallpapers and procrastinating all in the name of science Nano.

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I was awoken by a persistent warm tickling sensation on the tips of my fingers. I mumbled into the covers and rolled over onto my side - unwilling to face the day. 

"Watson" came the familiar voice of my flatmate "I am sorry to wake you at this hour but I am in need of your assistance."

My opened my eyes to the sight of a large black rabbit peering intently at my face.

"Good heavens!" I cried

The rabbit rolled his eyes at me.

"Yes yes" said Sherlock "I'm a rabbit."