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what has it done for YOU lately.

2 March 1990
Just my ramblings about slash fiction, politics, internet memes, tv, current affairs, my latest obsessions and the inane douchebaggery of my life.

abortion, activism, agnosticism, anti-dumbass, anti-hypocrite, atheism, attention whores, barack obama, bbc news 24, beliefs, bigots, bill bailey, bradley james, brooker/mitchell, cats, charlie brooker, charlie brookers hair, chilling effects, civil liberties, colin morgan, colin morgan's eyes, colin morgan's face, comedy, computer games, controversy, cricket, dance, discussion, drama on lj, drama-whores, dreamwidth, dwarf tossing, elder scrolls, elections, elves, england, ethics, eyeliner, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, faux intellectuals, feminists, free speech, freedom, gaming, gay rights, geeking out, history, hobbit slash, human rights, hurt/comfort, idealism, ignorant motherfuckers, image macros, imperialism, in the loop, internet, ireland, jack/daniel, jogging, john oliver, jon stewart, liberalism, lord of the rings, lotr slash, lulz, malcolm fucking tucker, male bonding, memes, merlin, meta, michael shanks, morrowind, music, mythbusters, news, nonpartisanship, oblivion, obscure fandoms, parody, pointing and laughing, politics, popcorn.gif, pot-kettle-black, presidential candidates, prime ministers, protests, pundits, rabbits, rachel maddow, ranting, reading, relentless misanthropy, respect, right wing wackos, rpgs, rugby, running, sarcasm, sci-fi, sherlock holmes, skepticism, skyrim, slash, slash fiction, sleeping, smut, snark, social ineptitude, sparkly eyes, spock, star trek, star wars, stargate sg-1, stealing your stupid icon, stephen colbert, stephen fry, stewart/colbert, tea, the big bang theory, the colbert report, the daily show, tinhattery, tucker/reed, twitter, unf, unresolved sexual tention, voting, women's rights, world news, world of warcraft, world politics, wow, writing